Kamba Ramayana

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Select Bibliography   Primary texts   Adhyātma Rāmāyaṇa. 1992. Edited and translated in Hindi by Munnilal. Gorakhpur: Gita Press. Ānanda Rāmāyaṇa. 1977. Edited by PanditYugal Kishor Dvivedi with commentary ‘Jyotsnā’ by Pandey Ramrej Sastri. Varanasi: Pandita Pustakalaya. Bhāsa. Pratimānāṭakam. 1988…
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Sreedevi D.
Tolpavakoothu or Shadow Puppetry is an ancient art form practiced in the Kali temples in north Kerala. It orginally belonged to a world filled with rituals, beliefs and superstitions where the performer, the Pulavar, was highly regarded by the devotees for his orginality, scholarship and his…
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