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B.N. Goswamy
If there was one family that ‘knew’ Chinese art, and collected it with passion, it was that of the Tatas of Bombay. Politics aside, objects from the neighbouring country were a matter of pride in India a century ago, writes Prof B.N. Goswamy. (In pic: Snuff bottle imitating carved lacquer,…
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Sharwin Kailashi
Pramod Jethi is a registered guide with Gujarat Tourism and he has written several guide books about Kutch. He had previously worked in Aina Mahal. The interview was conducted in Kutch in 2018 by Sharwin Kailashi. Kutch, located in the Bhuj region of Gujarat, is home to diverse cultural traditions…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
The princely state of Kutch was established in 1147 by Lakho Jadani, who migrated to Kutch from Sindh. With his twin brother, Lakhiar, he established Lakhiarviro, their capital, near present-day Nakhatrana, thus marking the beginning of the dynasty of Jadeja Rajputs in Kutch. In 1549, Khengarji I…
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Sharwin Kailashi
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Sharwin Kailashi
The Kutch Museum located in Bhuj is the oldest museum in Gujarat. The museum was established by Maharao Sir Khengarji III of the Kutch State in the year 1877. Initially, the collection on display comprised the gifts received by Maharao Khengarji III on the occasion of his wedding. The Museum…
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'Dialogues on Alice Boner' was a symposium held on September 3, 2016, in conjunction with the exhibition, 'Alice from Switzerland: A Visionary Artist and Scholar Across Two Continents' (September 1 – October 30, 2016, National Museum, New Delhi).   Continuing from the first part of the recording,…
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Shatavisha Mustafi
Introduction As the cycle-rickshaw driver pedalled his way through the dusty red soil of Bishnupur, he suddenly stopped at a saree shop, claiming it to be the museum. I was disappointed. I exclaimed that I had asked him to go to the museum, not to a saree shop! A few local people came to my rescue…
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