History of Kutch through its Palaces and Museums

History of Kutch through its Palaces and Museums

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Published on: 15 August 2019

Sharwin Kailashi

Sharwin Kailashi holds a degree in business management. He is currently working as a social media analyst in the Telecom and BFSI sector. He is also a professional DJ and strives to be a music producer someday. He has a deep interest in the collection and histories presented in museums of India.

Pramod Jethi retraces the history of Kutch (in Gujarat) through the existing built heritage of the region, including palaces and museums.

Pramod Jethi is a registered guide with Gujarat Tourism and he has written several guide books about Kutch. He had previously worked in Aina Mahal. The interview was conducted in Kutch in 2018 by Sharwin Kailashi.

Kutch, located in the Bhuj region of Gujarat, is home to diverse cultural traditions. The region’s heritage and culture can be seen through the various existing architectural structures, including palaces and official buildings. Several of these structures have been converted into museums, which in turn preserve the region’s history through artefacts. For over four hundred and fifty years, Kutch was ruled by the Jadeja dynasty. Their long reign, marked by stability and wealth, translated into building activities. Some of the prominent structures patronised by royalty include the Sharad Baug Palace (now a museum), Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal. The oldest museum in Gujarat, the Kutch Museum, also belongs to this region.