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Deeksha Bhardwaj
  Known variously as the Harappan Civilisation, Indus Valley Civilisation, and Indus Civilisation, the period between c. 2700 -1900 BCE in undivided Northwest and West India represented the Bronze Age phenomenon of the Indian subcontinent. The region witnessed an economic and socio-cultural…
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Sahapedia: Dr Ratnagar, how does one introduce the layperson to a topic such as yours—a civilization that endured at least 6000 years, and one that covered a truly vast area?   Shereen Ratnagar: It is a very vast topic. One usually begins with some map work. The Harappa civilization covered a…
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It is almost a century since sites and remains of an ancient bronze age civilization were unearthed over the north-western region of the Indian subcontinent, along the Indus river. On the basis of its location and spread, this civilization has been named and renamed: from the Indus Valley…
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Jaya Menon
The earliest cities in South Asia were those of the northwestern part of the subcontinent, what we call the Harappan civilization. This was a Bronze Age civilization, a term that refers to communities using bronze as a material to make their major tools, but more importantly implies urban societies…
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