Modern Art

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Abhilasha Ojha
Satish Gujral, one of India’s foremost modernist painters, experimented with his creativity, in his art, through a diverse range of media. From painting on the theme of Partition, loss and violence to moving to muralism, Gujral’s oeuvre is expansive and varied. We revisit his rich artistic legacy…
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Sharmistha Dutta
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Aishwarya Kirit
Mothers hold a high position in Indian culture, and motherhood has been extensively represented in Indian art. We look at the relationship between mother and child as portrayed by modern Indian artists such as M.V. Dhurandhar, M.F. Husain and Jamini Roy. (Photo Courtesy: Delhi Art Gallery)    …
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Dr Arundhati Dasgupta
This module presents the work of Abani Sen, an accomplished, prolific artist and art teacher. It analyses his body of work from an aesthetic and cultural perspective, alongside exploring his pedagogic practice and approach, through reminiscences and anecdotal observations. 
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  Jigisha Bhattacharya: Today we willl be speaking about the artist Abani Sen to his son Prabir Sen, with regard to his life and his work. Would you like to say something, at a primary level, about the work of Abani Sen, when considered as an entire oeuvre?   Prabir Sen: To cover this, one would…
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