The Life and Work of Artist Abani Sen

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Published on: 09 November 2018

Dr Arundhati Dasgupta

Dr Arundhati Dasgupta is currently holding the position of an Associate Professor at Pearl Academy where she is the Course Leader and teaches Cultural Studies to students of Foundation Design. She completed her PhD in History of Art in 2013 from the National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi. Her area of specialization is Modern Indian Art and Western Art History. Apart from teaching, she has been involved with archiving, curating/managing exhibitions, project management and coordinating national and international seminars and workshops related to Art History.

This module presents the work of Abani Sen, an accomplished, prolific artist and art teacher. It analyses his body of work from an aesthetic and cultural perspective, alongside exploring his pedagogic practice and approach, through reminiscences and anecdotal observations.