Manas National Park

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Sayantani Chatterjee
Basistha, Sudip Kanta. 2006. ‘Taxonomy and Distribution of Fish Fauna of Beki Manas River System.’ PhD thesis. Faculty of Science, Gauhati University.     Bhattacharjya, D.K., A. Kar, et al. 2015. ‘Notes on Herbal Treatment Practiced by the People of Fringe Villages of Manas National Park, India,’…
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Sayantani Chatterjee
An erstwhile hunting reserve of the Cooch Behar Royal Family and the Raja of Gauripur, Manas National Park (MNP) has now acquired the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is arguably the only national park whose landscape diversity ranges from Bahabar and Terai formations to wet alluvial…
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Jimmy Borah
The cool winter morning was an ideal day to be outdoors and in the field. The five of us were strolling down in the heat as we walked across the mixed forest of Manas National Park (MNP) looking for signs of tigers near the breathtaking Manas river, adjacent to the famous Mathunguri guest house of…
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Uddipana Kalita
Manas National Park is located in the western part of Assam in northeast India (90o 55.65' East 26o 43.13' North). The area of Manas, which is around 50,000 hectares, spreads across the five districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, Udalguri and Darrang. The national park is divided into three…
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Deba Kumar Datta
Sayantani Chatterjee: How was the reintroduction of the greater one-horned rhinoceros carried out in Manas National Park? Deba Kumar Dutta: The greater one-horned rhinoceros, also known as the Rhinoceros unicornis, constitutes one of the key species as well as a charismatic species of Manas…
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Brojo Kumar Basumatary
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Shristi Goswami
Manas National Park is situated in the state of Assam which is in the northeast of India. It lies at the foothills of the Himalayas and the region is one of the main biodiversity hotspots of India. Manas was initially a reserved forest but the Forest Policy Act of 1952 held the poor responsible for…
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Sayantani Chatterjee
Manas National Park is situated in the state of Assam, at the foothills of the Himalayas. The Park has a Project Tiger Reserve, a Biosphere Reserve, an Elephant Reserve as well as Important Bird Areas (IBA). The Park provides habitat for 22 of India’s most threatened animals listed in Schedule 1 of…
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