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Chandramolle Modgil: How significant is wood, as a raw material, in Himalayan Buddhist structures?   Laxman S. Thakur: Whether in Buddhist or brahmanical structures, wood has been very used prominently. In Himachal, there is archaeological evidence of wood right from the first century CE, when some…
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Mansi Shah and Jay Thakkar
  A legacy of distinctive traditional building practice known as kath-khuni construction, survives and thrives in the Himalayan hills of India. A natural extension to the knowledge of forbidding landscape, harsh climate, availability of local materials and tools, the resultant building practice is…
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Chandramolle Modgil
A wooden temple is a subtle reproduction of a deodar tree in form and spirit. If nature has bestowed deodar tree to conceptualize a temple, the man has contributed his artistic talent, ingenuity and skill to make it beautiful. Thus, a wooden temple identifies itself with the divine wood, not only…
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