Clock Tower

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Anjali Jain
He and his son, Satyajit Dutta, currently run the T.R. Clock Company that restores all types of antique clocks and has worked on clock towers across the country.  Following is an edited transcript of excerpts from the interview with Swapan Dutta conducted on June 9, 2020, in Calcutta. Anjali Jain (…
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Anjali Jain
In pre-modern India, day and night were each allocated four pahars (from the word pehera or the duty turn of city or palace guards). The second pahar of the day is called do-pahar to this day. The relevance of the concept of pahars in royal palaces can be realised through the eighteenth-century…
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Anjali Jain
The capital city of Jaipur is widely known for its formidable forts and magnificent palaces built in the traditional architectural style. In the mid-nineteenth century, British intervention in the political and cultural life of Jaipur paved the way for the capital’s modernisation. An array of…
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