Ghanta Ghars of Jaipur

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Published on: 06 February 2021

Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain is a conservator at the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, City Palace, Jaipur. She completed her MSc in Conservation from University College London and has worked in the conservation departments at INTACH Mumbai and at the Science Museum, London.

The capital city of Jaipur is widely known for its formidable forts and magnificent palaces built in the traditional architectural style. In the mid-nineteenth century, British intervention in the political and cultural life of Jaipur paved the way for the capital’s modernisation. An array of public clock towers was built across the walled as well as modern city of Jaipur through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These clock towers, which came to be called ghanta ghars in local parlance, are unique examples of architectural and technological eclecticism in Jaipur. They are, therefore, an important part of the built heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jaipur. Understanding the stories of these ghanta ghars and those of the people working towards the preservation of such intricate devices will hopefully revive public interest in their care and conservation.