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Bivitha Easo
Ammayennammakum achanennachanumPerennu kunjimon othidumbolArtham athinetrayennarinjeeduvanPusthakajnaniyam njan ashakthan.[i] Mother’s name “mother,” father’s name “father,”Mouths the dear young boy Though erudite, I have no measure Of its meanings manifold. Kunjunni’s—renowned (children’s) poet in…
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Bivitha Easo
This module critically explores normative representations of childhoods in children’s texts, with particular reference to the South Indian state of Kerala. The representations in the children’s texts, in any society at any given time and space, serve the purpose of pedagogic textual productions…
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सुदामा राम गुप्त
  छत्तीसगढ़ में वन, पर्वतों, गिरि-कन्दराओं, नदी-नालों, विशालकाय साल के पेड़ों से आच्छदित, गुफाओं व विभिन्न देव स्थलों से सुशोभित एक भूखण्ड है- सरगुजा। यहाँ के मूल निवासी जो पहाड़ी क्षेत्रों में रहते हैं- कोडाकू, कोरवा, सौंता, माझी, मझवार, बैगा आदि हैं। और मैदानी इलाके में रहने वाली जनजातियाँ हैं-…
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Team, Chhattisgarh Project
  The Festival of Chheri Chhera is celebrated by children in the month of January. In this festival children go running from one house to another reciting poem and collecting the newly harvested grains. This content has been created as part of a project commissioned by the Directorate of Culture…
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Aprameya Manthena
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Manasa Gowda & Ram Raj D
  Channapatna toys have many unique features. One of the most significant aspects of this handicraft is how safe it is for children. The colours used are made of non-toxic paints so that even infants and young children can play with them. Traditionally, vegetable dyes were used, but now, artisans…
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