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Monalisa Behera
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  Monalisa Behera: How does one introduce a lay man to the concept of yogini? What is a yogini?   Nilima Chitgopekar: The term Yogini has got a huge semantic dimension because it is used in various ways. A yogini, it could be a goddess, it could be a human being, it could be somebody who is adept…
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Aparna Nambiar
  In-depth analysis of the Cosmography of the Chausathi Yogini temple, Hirapur   There are 11 extant Chausath Yogini temples found across India out of which two are in Odisha, five in Madhya Pradesh, three in Uttar Pradesh and one in Tamil Nadu.  The most prominent ones are Hirapur, Ranipur Jharial…
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Kirit Mankodi
During the rule of the Solankis (also known as the Chalukyas) in Gujarat, many grand monuments were built between the 11th and the 12th centuries CE. The surviving monuments include temples at Somnath, Modhera, Sidhpur Patan, reservoirs such as the Sahasraliṅga Talav at Patan Anhilwad, and…
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