M.D. Muthukumaraswamy is a Tamil writer, Director, National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, and Consultant at Sahapedia.

This module comprehensively presents the works of the contemporary and modern sculptor S. Nandagopal. Considered to be a modern master of frontal narrative sculpture, S.Nandagopal (1946–2017) innovated the medium and expanded its artistic and expressive capabilities. Born to the famous and visionary painter K.C.S Paniker, Nandagopal made Cholamandal artists village his home and he rose to be one of the pioneering leaders of the Madras Art Movement in his father's footsteps. Acknowledging P.V. Janakiram as his mentor and teacher, Nandagopal made sculptures of great asymmetrical beauty and balance with modernist sensibility. The overview article chronologically traces changes and progresses in Nandagopal's artistic journey. The large corpus of his works presented in the image galleries— sculptures, watercolours and drawings—reveal the visionary artist he was.