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Musical Repertoire of the Jogi Community of Eastern Rajasthan

Jogi musicians of village Banda, Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan

Jogi a semi-nomadic community from north India, especially Rajasthan, is a sub-group of the Kalbelia community, which is listed by UNESCO under the representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Jogis worship Shiva and they draw their lineage from him. Their oral repertoire has references to Shiva-Parbati’s life. For example, they are known for singing the illustrative ballad about the marriage ceremony of Shiv-Parbati (called Shiv-Parbati ka byawala). Apart from this they sing in memory of their revered saints like Baba Guru Gorakhnath, Baba Jalandarnath, and heroic figures like Raja Gopichand, Raja Bharthari, Ramdev Pir, etc. Jogis are professional musicians and are patronized by the local rural communities who invite them during the auspicious Hindu months for night jagrans (night awakenings). This module records one of the important ballad about the life of Raja Bharthari sung by the Jogi musicians.