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Once used as a nursery by the British, the Sunder Nursery has
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Kochi , Kerala
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Sitting on the urban fringe of Thane city and overlooking the


Glimpses of the Gadaba Way of Life

This visual documentation of Kerang, the bark cloth of Gadaba adivasi women, encompasses the socio-cultural activities of the community. The tradition of wearing and weaving kerang is almost dead, thus, the images help us understand kerang weaving through the Gadaba women weavers who made these cloths many years ago and the few women weavers who still weave occasionally. The images illustrate the fieldwork process and how tools were used in former days to weave Kerang. The dwellings of the Gadaba people are beautifully adorned with coloured earth. The spaces and places of dwelling, both inside and outside, are painted by hand, outlining each area such as windows, walls, kitchen space, floor, raised structures and shelves. The abstract manner of wall painting using the coloured earth such as geru, dhana mati, haldi mati is distinctive of Gadaba Adivasis.