Chandraketugarh: Glimpses of a Forgotten Past

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Published on: 22 October 2018

Samayita Banerjee

Samayita Banerjee is an MPhil Research Scholar in History at Delhi University. She specialises in pre colonial history, archaeology, heritage and conservation keeping Southern Bengal as the area of focus. She completed her BA Honours in History from Presidency College Calcutta and her Masters in Ancient Indian History from Delhi University.

Chandraketugarh is an early historic urban site from West Bengal. It has a long history going back to the early historic period to the time of the Mauryas and extending upto the early medieval period. It has a rich history of urbanity and international trade. But Chandraketugarh is also plagued with the problems of antiiquties theft and is a prey to the network of antiquities smuggling. This photo gallery captures this glorious site in its location and its present condition.