Assam Manuscript Art: Chittaranjan Borah

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Published on: 11 July 2018

Meghna Baruah

Meghna Baruah is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She hails from, lives and works in Assam. Her area of special interest has been learning about local cultures, especially traditional forms of visual art and communication.

Chittaranjan Borah is an artist, folk art collector and writer on various subjects pertaining to local history and folk arts. He is the founder of an organisation named Kolong Kala Kendra in Puranigudam, Assam, that works towards preservation and promotion of different forms of traditional arts and crafts of Assam. The centre also has a museum that exhibits old artifacts, mostly from Assam. As an artist, along with manuscript painting, Chittaranjan Borah also practises traditional form of mask making, terracotta and wood carving. This image gallery contains photographs of the artist, range of work carried out by him together with images of the organisation and museum.