Rahul Chemburkar speaks to Swapna Joshi about the current conservation movement for pyaavs in Mumbai. Videography was handled by Devang Gole.


Conservation architect Rahul Chemburkar talks about understanding the contexts of the pyaavs (drinking water fountains) of Mumbai. He focuses on the architectural variety that one finds in pyaavs and the elaborate restoration process that every structure needs to undergo. He puts across a very different point of view by saying that pyaavs should be considered a classic case of means by which we can avoid making history stagnant and instead make it more continuous. According to him, by studying the pattern and language of these heritage markers, we can recreate water-dispensing units that provide water and serve the same purposes that they once did. Whether it is the 19th or the 21st century, the need for water as a public resource has not changed.