Thubten Samphel on Majnu ka Tilla

Thubten Samphel on Majnu ka Tilla

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Published on: 08 April 2019

Ameya Aatman

Ameya studied Political Science and Anthropology as a graduate from University of Delhi. International Affairs and Ecology are his prime research and interest areas. He is also an enthusiastic filmmaker.

In conversation with Mr Thubten Samphel, Director of Tibet Policy Institute, Dharamshala.

Mr Thubten Samphel is a noted journalist and author. He is currently Director, Tibet Policy Institute, Dharamshala, a think tank of the Tibetan Government-in-exile. A graduate from Delhi University and Columbia University, Mr Thubten has written many popular books such as Falling Through the Roof and The Dalai Lamas of Tibet. In the video, he talks about his early days in the Majnu ka Tilla settlement, when he used to be a student in Delhi. He also throws light on the growth and political significance of the Majnu ka Tilla settlement for the Tibetans.