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V.S. Rama Devi and S.K. Mendiratta
India voted for the first time after independence in 1951, however, the elective element for Indian natives in legislative bodies dates back to 1909. This excerpt from V.S. Rama Devi and S.K. Mendiratta's book 'How India Votes: Election Laws, Practice and Procedure' sheds light on the history of…
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V.S. Rama Devi and S.K. Mendiratta
Elections are not new to India. There are numerous mentions of republican forms of governments in Buddhist literature as well as in the accounts of Greek invaders who described some states as 'pure democracies'. This excerpt from V.S. Rama Devi and S.K. Mendiratta's book 'How India Votes: Election…
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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
In January 2017, protests and demonstrations were held across Tamil Nadu challenging the 2014 ­Supreme Court (SC) ban on a rural traditional sport—Jallikattu. Alongside the movement, a debate raged in electronic and print media (both in English and Tamil) on the history, politics and ethics of…
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Manan Kapoor
More than three decades after his death, the revolutionary Punjabi poet Avatar Singh Sandhu, famously known as Pash, is still relevant. Sahapedia looks at the life and works of the rebellious poet whose poems act as a mirror for the society even today. (Photo Source: Vishav Bharti/Wikimedia Commons…
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Ameya Aatman
Mr Thubten Samphel is a noted journalist and author. He is currently Director, Tibet Policy Institute, Dharamshala, a think tank of the Tibetan Government-in-exile. A graduate from Delhi University and Columbia University, Mr Thubten has written many popular books such as Falling Through the Roof …
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Raja Muzaffar Bhat and Parshati Dutta
  Contextualizing the cultural route   Sitting in 2018, at a time when Kashmir is most often a prefix to the word ‘problem’, synonymous with conflict, and described as the ‘flashpoint of violence’ in the South Asian landscape, it is not easy to comprehend the circumstances of Mahatma Gandhi’s words…
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