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Textiles of Nomadic Communities of Ladakh

Ladakh has a highly varied textile tradition that reflects its physical, socio-economic and cultural environment. Communities in Ladakh believe that the tradition of weaving is an ancient craft and they talk of a time before the weaving of cloth when their ancestors wore clothes made from animal skins, straw and the bark of trees. Later, they learnt how to spin and weave their own clothes. This module provides a historic overview of the traditional weaving practices and nomadic textiles from the Ladakh Himalayas. It also consists of an allied article that delves into the trading practices of Himalayan wool and the infamous pashmina fibre, followed by a photo essay on textile production among the nomadic pastoralists of Ladakh, and finally a short film detailing livestock rearing in the Changthang Ladakh Himalayas.


This module is in collaboration with the Ladakh Arts and Media Organization (LAMO).