Vajrayana Buddhism

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Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche
Thank you. Respected chair, speakers and all my friends here. Actually, I feel I’m here on this session quite by accident, because my colleagues yesterday spoke on the easier parts, about the life and teachings of Guru Padmasambhava. I’m here to speak on iconographies on which I’m not an expert.…
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Manan Kapoor
From founding the Nyingma sect to being one of the principle architects of Tibetan Buddhism, it is safe to say that the world may have lost the tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism if it weren’t for Guru Padmasambhava. As Sahapedia co-organises a conference highlighting the life and legacy of Guru…
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  On the origins of rock-cut architecture in India   The Elephanta Caves are a unique monument. Various people formed different opinions on them, especially in the initial years, and many foreign travellers have visited India just to view these caves. Visitors were often surprised by the nature of…
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