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Saaz Aggarwal
The Bhaibands, a Hindu trading community located in pockets all around the world today, originated in Hyderabad, Sindh, a town situated in India until Partition in 1947.       Map of India in 1857 (viewed on November 27, 2016)   The Bhaiband Sindhworkis emerged from the determined efforts of a few…
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A.B. Advani, MA LLB
[This article was read before the Sindh Historical Society, Karachi, on March 25, 1934, and was published in the Society’s journal.]   Up to the last decade of the sixteenth century, Sindh was like a sealed book to the people of the West. The record of Western knowledge about Sindh was full of…
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Radhika Seshan
Indian Ocean trade routes. Credit: on November 27, 2016     Summary of the talk   India’s geography is such that it is a centre of trade both by land and by sea and this gives it a pivotal role in Asian trade.   Three sections of India’s west coast…
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