Temple Rituals

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Roshini Muralidhara
Srinivas is a professor of anthropology at the University of California, Davis. Her research focusses on urban cultures, social memory, utopias and religion, among other things. She has received various grants, fellowships and awards throughout her research career, like the Rockefeller Humanities…
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Roshini Muralidhara
The Karaga festival or Karaga jatre (a periodic festival in honour of a deity) is celebrated annually in the Chaitra (March/April) month of the Hindu calendar in the south Indian state of Karnataka, mainly by the Tigala community; though, today it is attended by people from all sects. The Tigalas…
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Roshini Muralidhara
Festivals are an integral part of the cultural landscape of any place. They share an intimate relationship with the city in which they are celebrated, the people living in the city, and the geographical context of the place. The process of celebration of the innumerable festivals across India…
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