Temple Festivals of Kerala

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Dr Ashalatha Thampuran
It is believed that the history of Kochi royalty starts at Thiruvanchikkulam near Kodungallur during the reign of Cheraman Perumal. The legend up to their arrival in Thripunithura by the late eighteenth century goes as follows. In 1102 CE, before Cheraman Perumal (the last perumal of the second…
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Dr Ashalatha Thampuran
Thripunithura is a historical town near the city of Kochi, which used to be the capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Kochi. The town is abode to several historical monuments related to the reign started from the late eighteenth century after a prolonged phase of transition that the ancestral family…
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Prof. M. Madhavankutty
The elephant, one of nature’s most beautiful creations, has always held a unique status in India. The animal is associated with Ganesha who has the head of an elephant. This wild animal has, over millennia, been captured, tamed, loved, and used for various purposes. In certain temples, it is said…
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Dr P.S. Easa
Dr P.S. Easa (PS): On the history of captive elephants Vivek Menon (VM): There is a long history of keeping elephants in captivity that goes back thousands of years. And in those thousands of years you see change already happening. They were used to defend the nation, if you look at the…
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