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Cherpulassery Sivan is a celebrated maddalam[i] artiste for ethnic ensembles such as panchavadyam[ii] and keli (a percussive dialogue between the chenda[iii] and maddalam, accompanied by the beats of the cymbals) for Kathakali performances. Sivan comes from a family of legendary maddalam artists…
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Debdutta Sanyal
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Ayan Ghosh
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Bernier, Ronald M. 1983. ‘Tradition and Invention in Himachal Pradesh Temple Arts’, in Artibus Asiae 44.1:65–91.   ———. 1997. Himalayan Architecture. Madison: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press; London: Associated University Press.   Blackburn, Stuart H. 1985. ‘Death and Deification: Folk…
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