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The article is about the Bhagavata Mela plays that take place in the village of Saliyamangalam.
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  1. Brihadisvara Legends   Fig. 1: Brihadisvara temple (Image taken by Debhashish Bannerjee)                                                                              There are a number of legends associated with the temple. The two given below are the most well-known ones.   1. Karuvur Devar…
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S. Gopalakrishnan: The three great Chola temples in Tanjavur—Brihadisvara, Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram—could you elaborate on the roles these three temples played in the fields of music, dance and other art forms of Tanjavur?   Rama Kausalya: I’ll give some introduction first of all. There…
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  Sahapedia: Thanjavur has been acclaimed as a cultural capital in the south with Brihadisvara temple as the centre of activity. We would like to know how the Brihadisvara temple and the entire complex worked from a cultural point of view in the history of Tanjavur or even the whole of south India…
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Soneji, Davesh. 2012. Devadasis, Memory and modernity in South India. The University of Chicago Press books. Soneji, Davesh. 2012. Bharatanatyam- A reader. Delhi: Oxford university Press.  J.Weidman, Amanda. 2006. Singing the Classical, Voicing the Modernity: The Postcolonial Politics of Music in…
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Lakshmi Viswanathan
A QUARTET WHO MADE HISTORY 'Sangeetham' always denoted both music and dance. The two grew in tandem enriching each other. A king’s command became the genesis of a rejuvenated art form. Tulaja II (1763 -1787) a king of the Maratha dynasty of Tanjavur, invited Mahadeva Annavi a dance expert from…
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Nandini Ramani
                                   Tanjavur Quartet- A brief introduction     Bharatanatyam that existed in the ancient times merely as a folk art form was formally codified into a structured performance in the eighteenth century by the four brothers from Tanjavur, well-known as the Tanjore…
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