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Nicky Lalrinsanga
  In their long quest for recognition and relevance, the people of Mizoram seem to have finally found a medium of expression and assertion—football. While very little is still known about the state in much of mainland India, football has helped the Mizo community to claim its space in the media and…
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Lydia Lalduhawmi and Lalmalsawmi Ralte
  Mizoram, a beautiful hilly state with a population of roughly 10 lakh, has a sporting culture which begins from the roadsides of the rugged mountains and advances all the way to recently sprung-up stadiums. Within a short period of time, the state has witnessed significant developments in various…
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Lalsangliani Ralte
  Nestled between mountains and hills in the far northeastern corner of India, Mizoram shares international borders with Bangadesh and Myanmar, and state borders with Assam, Tripura and Manipur. The native inhabitants of the state are called Mizos. The origin of the Mizos is obscure as they are…
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Lalsangliani Ralte
The state of Mizoram, over the last few decades, has seen a thriving culture of football develop against significant odds, to become one of the foremost votaries of the game in the country at present. Women's football, in particular, has taken great strides in recent years, moving rapidly towards…
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