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Suprita Das
Mother of two who defied all odds to lead the women’s hockey squad to a Commonwealth Games gold in 2002, inspiring the blockbuster ‘Chak De! India’, Pritam Rani Siwach’s best performances are undocumented. We look at the Arjuna Award-winner’s life trajectory. (Photo Courtesy: Pritam Rani Siwach…
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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
In January 2017, protests and demonstrations were held across Tamil Nadu challenging the 2014 ­Supreme Court (SC) ban on a rural traditional sport—Jallikattu. Alongside the movement, a debate raged in electronic and print media (both in English and Tamil) on the history, politics and ethics of…
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Aravindhan C. and Rabboni Rabi
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Shruti Ragavan
The following text is based on an interview with Rahul by Vasudev R. and Vivek R. at Vadipatti, in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, in December 2017.[i]  It provides a first-hand account of a group of young men, belonging to different caste groups, who came together in order to create and…
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Kalaiyarasan A.
The massive protests of Tamils against the ban on Jallikattu, a bull-taming sport held during the harvest festival of Pongal, attracted much attention across the world in 2017. This sport, which till then had been prevalent among only a small number of communities in a few districts in southern…
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Kalaiyarasan A. and Shruti Ragavan
Jallikattu is a festival/sport celebrated in rural Tamil Nadu on the occasion of the harvest festival Pongal, where men engage in a contest to try and catch a running bull’s hump in order to secure a pouch of coins hung around the bull’s horn. In light of the Supreme Court ban on the festival in…
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Rupha Ramani
Barely 18, Gobar Goho could envision the potential of Indian wrestlers on the world ring, long before anyone else did. Around 50 years after his death, we delve into history to look back at the man who had initially found himself in a profession of his father’s choosing, but went on to become one…
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Lalsangliani Ralte
  My name is F. Zohmingliani; my father’s name is F. Daniela and my mother’s name is F. Lalrintluangi; everyone calls me 'Nu-te'. I was brought up at South Vanlaiphai; I was born in Muallianpui because Muallianpui is my mother’s native village and I was born there while she had gone home for a…
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