The Culture of Football in Mizoram

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Published on: 22 November 2018

Lalsangliani Ralte

Lalsangliani Ralte is currently pursuing a PhD Degree from the Department of English, Mizoram University. She is a football fan who writes sports articles as a freelancer and also works with, a sports website based in Aizawl. She also maintains a blog where she posts her works which include poems and articles.

The state of Mizoram, over the last few decades, has seen a thriving culture of football develop against significant odds, to become one of the foremost votaries of the game in the country at present. Women's football, in particular, has taken great strides in recent years, moving rapidly towards the creation of gender parity, both in the sport and in the larger society. The module looks at the history of the game in the context of Mizo society, the deepening of a professional football culture over the years, the progress of women's football, as well as the enthusiastic fan cultures that have sustained and encouraged the formalisation of the game at the state and national levels.