R.K. Laxman

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Simran Agarwal
The Indian advertising industry has had several iconic brand mascots such as the Amul Girl, Gattu and the Maharajah, among others. Here we look at some of India’s successful indigenous mascots who managed to embed themselves in our collective memory, becoming inextricable parts of India’s visual…
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Shruti Ravi
Shruti Ravi: Could you share some of your memories about Shankar’s Weekly and the atmosphere at the time?   E.P. Unny: My first cartoon was printed by Shankar. I mean it was ‘distance cartoon’, I was studying in a college in Palakkad, Shankar’s Weekly was in Delhi. Shankar was open to contributions…
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Shruti Ravi
A political cartoon, a potent combination of word and visual, is an editorial comment on the day's happenings. In India, cartooning, that began its career in British India, has diversified into other genres like social cartooning, comics, the graphic novel and literature.    
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