Raja Ravi Verma

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Simran Agarwal
While the world knows about Raja Ravi Varma and his contribution to modern Indian commercial art, not many know that even his younger brother and assistant, C. Raja Raja Varma, was regarded as one of the ‘the foremost painters of 19-century India’. Not only that, his sister Mangalabai Thampuratty…
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Shatadeep Maitra
From cave paintings and murals to painted photographs, portraits in India have undergone a massive change over a period of 30,000 years. Sahapedia.org and DAG trace the influences and transformations in the tradition of portrait making in the subcontinent. (Photo courtesy: DAG) While the…
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Sharwin Kailashi
The foundation for the building of the Baroda Museum was laid by Maharaj Sayajirao III in 1887. The construction of the museum building began in 1890 and was completed in 1894 and in the very same year the museum was opened for the people of Baroda. The collection of the museum is exhibited in 28…
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Hanoz H.R. Patel
  The State of Baroda: A historical glimpse   The history of Baroda is almost two thousand years old. The region was divided into two small towns, namely Ankottaka (present-day Akota in Vadodara) and ‘Vadapadraka’ or ‘Vatpatrak’ (Leaf of Banyan Tree) on the banks of the rivers Mahi and Vishwamitri…
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