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Agra , Uttar Pradesh
The contribution of the Lodhi Sultanate is often forgotten when
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Laitmawsiang , Shillong
Ka Bri Ki Synrang is located at Laitmawsiang, 45 km from the
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Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

The foundation for the building of the Baroda Museum was laid by Maharaj Sayajirao III in 1887. The construction of the museum building began in 1890 and was completed in 1894 and in the very same year the museum was opened for the people of Baroda. The collection of the museum is exhibited in 28 galleries representing collections from Japan, China, Nepal, Europe, Tibet, Egypt, Greece, Rome among others. The museum houses a vast collection representing disciplines such as Archeology, History, Fine Arts, Industrial Arts, Ethnology, Zoology, Botany, Anthropology, Geology, Geography, Palaeontology, and Osteology. Maharaja Sayajirao III had himself collected several artefacts prior to the establishment of the Baroda Museum, which he had later donated as part of the first collection based on which the museum was set up.