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Mir Ahammad Ali
I   The systematic study of puppetry and puppets is a very recent phenomenon in India, although puppetry as a performing art has a rich history in the country. The earliest references to puppetry in India can be found in the Rig Veda, and then in Kautilya’s Arthashastra, where performers from the…
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Books and Articles Ali, Mir Mahammad, and Mir Ahammad Ali. 2015. ‘Beni Putul or the Glove Puppetry: A Performing Tool for Resistance to Colonialism’. Online at http://chitrolekha.com/beni-putul-or-the-glove-puppetry/ (viewed on October 10, 2016).   Ghosh, S., and U. Banerjee. 2007. Indian Puppetry…
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This module introduces the tradition of Beni Putul or glove puppetry from West Bengal, through an interview and demonstration by master puppeteer Mr Basanta Kumar Ghorai. There are three popular traditional forms of puppetry in West Bengal: Dang (rod), Beni or Bene (glove) and Taar (string). Beni…
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