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Amita Kanekar
  Old Accounts   Burton, Sir Richard Francis. 1851. Goa, and the Blue Mountains: Or, Six Months of Sick Leave. London: R. Bentley.   Cottineau de Kloguen, Denis. 1995 [1831]. An Historical Sketch of Goa. New Delhi: Asian Educational Services.   Fonseca, José Nicolau da. 1986 [1878]. An Historical…
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Amita Kanekar
  Located on the south bank of the river Mandovi, upstream from the capital Panjim, Old Goa is today a site of tourist consumption for the best part of the year. From a sea of palms rise a few majestic buildings, set on the lawns that typically denote a site protected by the Archaeological Survey…
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Subuhi Jiwani
Goa came under Portuguese rule in 1510 when Viceroy Alfonso de Albuquerque captured Goa from the Bijapur Sultanate, thus commencing a 450-year rule which lasted till 1961. Goa became the administrative headquarters of Estado da Índia, governing all Portuguese enclaves within India and other…
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Ayan Ghosh with Amita Kanekar
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Olivinho J.F. Gomes
Fortuitous yet happy circumstances introduce into Konkani the Roman script brought in by mainly the Portuguese missionaries, which it adopts readily for its writing, employing some diacritical marks to make the pronunciation of this exotic language readable to its young neophytes brimming with…
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