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Eeshita Kapadiya
The Dalapathi system, or the village police, is currently an informal system of law and security in rural South India. Although previously a formal system, recognised by the Karnataka Village Defense Parties Act, 1964, the recent repeal of the act (2004) has changed its status once again. It is…
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Eeshita Kapadiya
  Introduction   The basis of the documentation of the Dalapathi system and insights into it have largely been through the experiences people have generously shared. In order to stay true to the source and provide context to insights, these photo narratives aim to offer an open interpretation of…
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Eeshita Kapadiya
  This article attempts to follow the timeline and origins of the 'Police Patel system' and trace its transition to the Karnataka Village Defence Parties Act, 1964. It also tries to place the system in context of the changing political and social climate in South India and Karnataka from pre-…
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