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Anirban Bandyopadhyay
  The caste question in West Bengal (and Bengal before 1947) is unique. It resonates with the conventional perspectives on caste in history and politics in India since the nineteenth century as much as it diverges from them. While there are many important perspectives on caste in Indian history and…
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  Q. What was so unique about Radha’s character that made you write, compile and edit a book solely dedicated to her.   A. Well, Radha is an amazing character in the entire mythic treasure of India. You take all the goddesses, semi-goddesses, celestial women, semi-celestial women, Shalabhanjika,…
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 Chhau is a martial art based dance or dance-drama form East India. Recognized styles of Chhau are: Seraikela from the state of Jharakhand, Mayurbhanj from Orissa and Purulia from West Bengal as well as lesser known Kharsawan Chhau,from Jharkhand. 
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Shagun Bhutani
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Ipshita Chanda
An overview of its history   Etymology The charit is a type of narrative found in a number of languages existing in pre-modern India, and still survives as a text-name in some of the modern languages formed from them. Generally, the charit is the narrative of a character’s life and/or exploits, but…
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