Oral tradition

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Vikalp Ashiqehind and Rohan Chauhan
  Creative human expression using language is a socio-cultural universal. Literature as a term is usually reserved for individual written creations with a social stamp of artistic merit and an identifiable author. An expanded definition includes both individual and collective creations, which are…
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Mousumi Mandal
Introduction   Bonbibi-r Palagaan is a dramatic performance tradition connected with the worship of the cult goddess Bonbibi. In contrast to the Bengali literary canon, this popular performance-ritual, which is exclusively practised in the Sundarbans in lower delta region West Bengal (India) and…
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Judhajit Sarkar
‘Gaa’ implies ‘gaan’ (song) and ‘jon’ might have come from ‘mahajan’ (the great/noble one). If one goes by this logic, which appears valid in the local, originary context of the word, the meaning of Gajon becomes ‘song dedicated to Shiva (mahajan)’.  
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