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Swasti Pachauri & Shruti Chakraborty
While colour-play is an integral part of Holi, there are also variations in the rituals and practices associated with festivities across different regions. looks at two such less-known traditions associated with Holi—Bhagoria in Madhya Pradesh and Yaoshang in Manipur (Photo Source:…
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H.S. Shivaprakash
  In this thought-provoking essay Prof. H.S. Shivaprakash posits the possible limits of rasa aesthetics by brilliantly analysing its realms of influence and mode of transforming meaning, particularly in theatre. The scholar-teacher-translator writes, ‘…the way rasa gets transformed through…
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M.D. Muthukumaraswamy
While the concept of different musicians jamming on-camera is not new, A.R. Rahman’s Web series is a journey towards finding another repertoire, another instrument… why, even another public ingrained in a cultural setting, and inviting that for a dialogue (Photo source: Youtube Screenshot)  …
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Jayanti Thokchom
(The banner image shows the Shri Krishna Temple of Brahmapur Guruaribam Leikai, Imphal. Photographs by Jayanti Thokchom.)   Situated in the corner of North East India and inhabited by various ethnic communities, such as the Nagas, Kukis and Meiteis, the state of Manipur is a land of diverse culture…
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Lanbilung Gonmei
Zeliangrong is a portmanteau of Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei (Ze + Liang + Rong), three cognate groups of tribes. These three groups practise a number of traditional festivals. Though the festivals are observed under different names, they have similar themes and objectives. Among the traditional…
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E. Nilakanta Singh writes about the different styles of Manipuri Sankirtana.
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Ashima Narain
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Rekha Konsam
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Guru R.K. Achoubisana
Lai Haraoba is the re-enactment of creation. Embedded in this festival are the cultural and artistic traditions of Manipur. Even the Ras that came after Hinduisation has been inspired by the dance tradition of Lai Haraoba, whose dance gestures were composed in the choreography of Ras to express the…
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