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Abdul Rashid Lone
Dr Shah has extensively researched on the early historic (early centuries of the Christian era) archaeology of the Kashmir region and has authored various scholarly texts on the subject. This interview was conducted by Dr Abdul Rashid Lone in Srinagar on March 23, 2019. Following is an edited…
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Abdul Rashid Lone
Little is known about the rich culture and heritage of Jammu and Kashmir which is also perhaps what makes the archaeological and historical study of the state so interesting. Academic research in the state has undeniably been marred by the decades of insurgency it has seen. With scant researches…
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Dr Abdul Rashid Lone
The Kushana period in Kashmir is distinctively known for its terracotta art. The Valley, under the rule of Kushana kings, saw the rise of an independent school of art. Instead of stone, which was a popular material for the artists of Kushana period in the Indian subcontinent, especially those…
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