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Senjuti Mukherjee
In cinema-crazed Chennai, every street has political graffiti with film stars and film posters. The billboards, flexes and cutouts of fabled film stars, often freshly garlanded, evoke open-air temples. Cinematic references are inescapable around the city; signboards invoke memories of renowned…
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Senjuti Mukherjee
Scholar and film director, Venkatesh Chakravarthy, is currently the dean of Ramanaidu Film School in Hyderabad.  He was the regional director and the head of the department of direction at L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy. He has also worked as a scriptwriter, analyst and consultant for Tamil,…
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Senjuti Mukherjee
In 1946, A.V. Meiyappan, the founder of AVM Studios, travelled to Karaikudi with a 12-year-old boy named R. Parameswaran, who was to join as an assistant at his new film studio there. Karaikudi, 400 km southwest of what was then Madras, was Meiyappan’s hometown. By this time, Meiyappan had already…
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Senjuti Mukherjee
AVM Studios in Vadapalani, Chennai, was founded by A.V. Meiyappan. It became one of the many film studios in the neighbourhood called Kodambakkam. Meiyappan hailed from Karaikuddi, and ran a store called A. V. & Sons that distributed gramophone records for HMV and Columbia in the late 1920s. In…
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