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B.N. Goswamy
Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum in Gujarat has a varied collection of Jain artefacts and symbolisms of worship. Prof. B.N. Goswamy writes about how the museum offers a rare peak into the Jaina world of retreat and meditation. (In pic: Detail from a Tirtha pata, Gujarat, 1641 AD; Photo courtesy: The…
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Mahima Jain
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Baradi, Manvita and Meghna Malhotra. At the Core: Understanding the Built heritage of Surat and Rander. Urban Management Centre with support of Surat Municipal Corporation, 2011. Desai, Ishwarlal Ichchharam. Surat Sonani Murat. Surat: Vijay Offset, 2004. Haynes, Douglas E. Rhetoric and Ritual in…
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Ayan Ghosh
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