Indus River

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M.L. Bhatia
[First appeared as Chapter 13 of Sufism and Bhakti Movement, Eternal Relevance, edited by Hamid Hussain and published by Manak Publications (P) Ltd in 2007. Reproduced with permission from Manak Publications (P) Ltd.]   The oral traditions around small and large shrines of saints based primarily on…
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Radhika Seshan
Indian Ocean trade routes. Credit: on November 27, 2016     Summary of the talk   India’s geography is such that it is a centre of trade both by land and by sea and this gives it a pivotal role in Asian trade.   Three sections of India’s west coast…
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Saaz Aggarwal
A multimedia module on the Bhaiband Sindhworkis, a Hindu trading community that was originally from Hyderabad, Sindh, a town situated in India until Partition in 1947, and is now located in pockets all around the world
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