Indian Subcontinent

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Lee Siegel
  The Sanskritist, novelist, translator and teacher’s brilliant exposition of the multiple connections between aesthetic, religious and erotic rapture in Indian literature narrated with relish and the author’s renowned straddling of academic acumen and intimate tone, the folk tale and the epic…
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Malavika Sarukkai
  This essay is the celebrated danseuse’s keen introspection into her study of the rasa theory and the understanding of it along with the application of its elements in her choreography. Written with artistic perception and subtlety, the prose liberally quotes from varied texts thus adding layers…
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Namita Gokhale and Dr Malashri Lal
    In this magisterial essay, Namita Gokhale and Dr Malashri Lal review the sweep of linguistic and literary cross currents that rode on the waves of trade, war and religion throughout South Asia. Looking back from the first decade of the 21st century, the authors stress the process of accretion…
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Editor: Priya Sarukkai Chabria
The incredible diversity of cultural practice and the bewildering plurality of aesthetic style and sensibility across South Asia might presuppose an indecipherable state of ongoing chaos. But there is, possibly, an invisible thread, an intangible pattern and purpose running through it. Through its…
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