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Binita Tamboli & Nikhil Sanjay Shah
Surat, since its inception, has been recognised as a cosmopolitan city with a multitude of overlays that can be observed in the way the city evolved and the manner in which its architecture transformed with time. Gopipura, being the innermost and oldest core of the walled city, stands in glory…
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Ar. Binita Pandya
  As a child, your relationship with a city is confined to the area with which you share a sense of belonging and the one you are familiar with—your family, your pet, your school, the people whom you meet every day, and your possessions. One walks, runs, drives through the same spaces time and…
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Binita Tamboli and Nikhil Sanjay Shah
  Having been in existence since the Mauryan era, Surat is known for its entrepreneurship and cultural diversity. Also known as Suryapur (the city of the sun), it is situated on the banks of the river Tapi or Tapti. In order to understand Surat as a trading centre and a port town, one needs to…
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