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Indu Banga and Karmjit K. Malhotra
Jagtar Singh Grewal is a prominent historian of medieval and modern Indian history, especially the history of the Punjab and Sikhs. He has published over three scores of books—monographs, collections of articles, Persian sources and other edited works—and over a hundred research papers in the past…
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Kesavan Veluthat
Professor Muttayil Govindamenon Sankara Narayanan (b. 1932), better known as M.G.S., has been a major cultural presence in Kerala for more than six decades. Educated in the University of Madras from where he earned a master’s degree in History with a first in first, M.G.S. taught in the Zamorin’s…
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Kuldeep Patowary and Shounak Ghosh
The evolution of Sufi networks in the emerging metropolis of the Islamic East (Delhi) from the 13th century onwards is traced through articles and interviews, looking particularly at interactions with the political establishment and society, so as to unravel the multiple roles played by the Sufis.
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Amol Saghar
Travelling on the picturesque East Coast Road running parallel to the Bay of Bengal from Chennai to Puducherry and further south, one passes several interesting sites which hold the attention of the weary travellers. One such site is the Mamallapuram complex. This group of beautifully carved…
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Kapila Vatsyayan
  Introduction     To put it simply, over these years, since childhood on to today, it has been my privilege to meet with creative minds who have been variously categorized as scientists, seers, philosophers, poets, writers, painters, dancers, musicians and, above all, many who in socio-economic…
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Questions: Today we are going to talk about Comparative Literature and its development in India in the last sixty years or perhaps even more, and that is the question we would like to begin with, whether to trace the beginning of Comparative Literature to 1956 when the first department was…
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Bassnett, Susan. Comparative Literature: A Critical Introduction, Oxford: Blackwell, 1993. Bernheimer, C. (ed.) Comparative Literature in the Age of Multiculturalism. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1995. Chakravorty Spivak, Gayatri. Death Of A Discipline. New York: Columbia University…
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Riti Sharma
This module is not only about institutional history but also discusses the ethics and the aesthetics of Comparative Literature.
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