Hazrat Nizamuddin

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Manan Kapoor
Octavio Paz's poems about Delhi are arguably the most profound and striking lines written about the city. Paz was not only a prolific poet, he was also well-read; he found Delhi's 'aesthetic equivalent' in 'novels, not in architecture'. Here, we look at Paz's verses on the Capital's architecture. (…
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Yousuf Saeed
Focus on Chishtiyah and Related Orders  Sufism is a fashionable term these days, especially among the urban elite who often assume that visiting a Sufi dargah (shrine), listening to qawwalis (form of devotional Sufi music) or reading the poetry of Rumi or Amir Khusrau is akin to becoming a Sufi, or…
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Yousuf Saeed
Tracing the history of Sufii thought and practice in northern India, and introducing the concepts underlying its literature
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