Guru Padmasambhava

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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Mingyur Rinpoche traces the life of Guru Padmasambhava, starting with his journey in India and about his impact in different parts of Asia, especially the pivotal role he had in bringing Buddhism to Tibet. Rinpoche talks about how Padmasambhava manifested himself in different forms to benefit…
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Nawang Tsering Shakspo
The charismatic teachings and deeds of Guru Padmasambhava have had wide-reaching effects on the followers of Tibetan Buddhism in Ladakh. I would like to start with a quote from Chandra Das’ A Tibetan–English Dictionary: Pad-ma abun-gna is the Tibetan name of the great master of magic who came into…
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Thupten Tenzing
Buddhism was introduced to Sikkim in the form of termas or hidden teachings. The teachings prophesied that certain Buddhist masters would discover these ‘treasures’ in the very locations where they had been concealed by Guru Padmasambhava. Therefore, Sikkim is also known as the land of terma. To…
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Manan Kapoor
Cham is a vibrant Buddhist dance performed by and associated with a number of Tibetan Buddhist sects. A common feature during occasions such as the Hemis festival, there are different kinds of chams, each with a backstory and a legend. We look at five chams—the skeleton dance (durdak garcham), the…
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Neten Chockling Rinpoche
Namaste and my respects to everyone. It is very special that we are gathered here today and talking, at this conference, about the life of Padmasambhava. The life of Padmasambhava is actually very vast. It is difficult to talk about it in a very short period of time, but we have to try. I thought…
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Dasho Karma Ura
Keynote Address by Dasho Karma Ura at the conference on the Life and Legacy of Guru Padmasambhava, India International Centre, Centre for Escalation of Peace, New Delhi, January 29–30, 2019. All copyrights to the content of this article belong to the author, who has granted Sahapedia the license to…
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