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Titas De Sarkar
  Pather Panchali ('Song of the Little Road') [1955]   Amidst huge financial constraints was born a great masterpiece—and a cinematic movement. Pather Panchali heralded the ‘parallel’ school of filmmaking in India, realism being one of its core concerns. Shot over a period of four years, it is an…
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Titas De Sarkar
Titas De Sarkar: Let us begin with the time when you were born, in 1933...   Soumendu Roy: 33' is my official date but I was born in 1932...   T.D.S: If you could kindly say where...   S.R: North Kolkata...   T.D.S: When was the first time you gained an interest in cinematography and how?   S.R:…
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Titas De Sarkar
Satyajit Ray (1921–92) is no longer the only Indian filmmaker the world has heard of, but he remains the best-known. Ray’s international reputation, however, does not adequately reflect the complexities and ideological nuances of his films. This module is an attempt to uncover the many layers that…
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