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A list of some documentary films that have been denied screening or censored:   1. I Live In Behrampada (1993) Director: Madhushree Dutta The film was made in the context of Bombay riots of 1992-93. It was denied a censor certificate in the first attempt and a clearance was given after two years.…
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Shilpi Gulati
This module studies the embattled history of documentary practice and censorship in India, looking at ways in which filmmakers have subverted attempts at repression, the impact of technological advancements on filmmaking and distribution, as well as the performative relationship between a film and…
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Shilpi Gulati
The radical impulse of documentary practice in India has been deeply informed by its legacy of speaking truth to power. Time and again, the documentary, responding to the changing socio-political climate of the country, has created critical fissures in the dominant discourse of the nation-state.…
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